In this project, I invite the reader to join me,
on a journey through emptiness and silence.

Its essence is represented in the following keywords: Ma, the Japanese concept for negative space; Emptiness, as in space filled with possibilities; Silence, that allows contemplation and reflection, essential for noticing the little things.
As mentioned in the  Photobook, this project rose from a necessity of mine to find tranquility, letting go the constant anxiety of an everyday life in the city and adopting a mindset that allowed me to slow down and truly enjoy life through details that, most times, go by unnoticed. 

It's a photographic translation of the mentioned keywords and an exploration of the three concepts that are intertwined, to provide a pause in time to the reader, where the goal is not to advance in the day-to-day story, but to stop and appreciate the details of life, in an open atmospheric narrative, of free interpretation that instigates wandering through emptiness.
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